Monday, February 11, 2013

Ansermet conducts Stravinsky DECCA 8CD

CD 1: L'oiseau de feu; Le chant du rossignol.
CD 2: Petrouchka; Le sacre du printemps.
CD 3: Pulcinella (Marilyn Tyler, s; Carlo Franzini, t; Boris Carmeli, bs); Apollon musagète.
CD 4: Le baiser de la fée; Renard (Gerald English, John Mitchinson, t; Peter Glossop, b; Joseph Rouleau, bs).
CD 5: L'histoire du soldat - Suite; Pulcinella - Suite.
CD 6: Symphony in C; Symphony in Three Movements; Symphonies of Winds.
CD 7: Concerto for piano (Nikita Magaloff, pno); Capriccio for piano (Nikita Magaloff, pno); Suites ##1-2 for Orchestra; 4 Études for Orchestra; Scherzo à la russe.
CD 8: Symphony of Psalms (Choeur de jeunes de Lausanne and Choeur de Radio Lausanne); Les Noces (Basia Retchitzka, s; Lucienne Devalier, c; Hugues Cuénod, t; Heinz Rehfuss, b); Mavra (Joan Carlyle, s, Parasha; Helen Watts, c, Her Mother; Monica Sinclair, c, Their Neighbour; Kenneth Macdonald, t, Vassily).
Decca 467 818 (8 CDs) (B) (ADD) TT: 8:27:50



  2. Thanks for the up!
    Please could you upload CD 1 as well? The last Rar file is again part03 instead of 01

  3. Hi, thank you for this box set. But I've only downloaded the file 1-10 & 12. Nearly complete. Could you please kindly re-post 11? Many thanks in advance!

  4. Could you please repost?

  5. Is it possible to reupload this item
    Thanks a lot!

  6. This recording is precious! Unfortunately the links don't work anymore....
    Would you PLEASE PLEASE reupload them? Thank you so much

  7. Could you please reupload? Many thanks in advance!


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