Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ashkenazy plays Chopin and Tchaikovsky Piano Concertos DECCA 1CD

Scintillating version of Chopin`s second concerto. My absolute FIRST choice for #2 by Chopin.
Ashkenazy demonstrates a stunning command of the virtuoso sections of the outer movements. The second movement is a joy to behold: his heartfelt lingerings over the more ravishing parts of the middle movement evoke pure emotion beyond words. David Zinman and the excellent London players are on the same par as the pianist.

The Tchaikovsky concerto with Maazel is not as successful as the second. This 1963 performance is nothing to write home about, but still does not disappoint. It is a nice bonus addition for someone like me who is looking for an "A-level" #2 by Chopin, and is not picky with a pretty good "B-level" Tchaikovsky Concerto #1.

Crystal-clear sound by Decca.

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