Saturday, June 13, 2020

Mercury Living Presence Boxset VOL.1 51CD

All newly ripped in secure mode.



  2. Merci beaucoup.

    Le cd 6 est corrompu

  3. A magnificent post !
    Yes, CD6 is corrupt. Would appreciate a fix. THANKS !

    1. sorry, I will reup this one

    2. Sorry, I'm a bit confused. CD6's rar file is removed from the download list and I can't find the corrected and reup'd one. Have you been able to reup CD6 ?
      Thank you.

  4. Hello Bayreuth, thanks for all the wonderful music. I have a request. Could you please re-upload part 6 of this post: Mahler Symphonies Haitink Christmas Matinee Concerts Decca-Japan 9CD. Part 6 contains no data, all others work perfectly. Thanks in advance.


    2. Hello Bayreuth, thanks for this collection.
      Could you please re-upload the CD 6 ??
      Thanks in advance

  5. Thank you. Looking forward to it.

  6. Thanks a lot for the Haitink re-upload.

  7. I can see that you've tried to correct CD6, but unfortunately it was not a success - still it does not work.
    Thanks anyway ...

  8. For CD6: Hallelujah Bro ! Thousand Thanks. All work.

  9. CD6:

  10. Is there a list of the contents available?

    1. 01 Mussorgsky, Bartók\
      02 Smetana\
      03 American Composers, Ginastera\
      04 Kodály, Bartók\
      05 Bartók\
      06 Diverses\
      07 Prokofiev\
      08 Howard Hanson\
      09 Tchaikovsky, Beethoven\
      10 Dvorák\
      11 Grofé, Victor\
      12 Jacob, Walton, Holst, Williams\
      13 Stravinky\
      14 Suppé, Auber\
      15 Berlioz\
      16 Sousa\
      17 Enescu\
      18 Khachaturian, Shostakovich\
      19 Enescu, Brahms\
      20 Music American Civil War\
      21 Music American Civil War\
      22 Rachmaninoff\
      23 Copland\
      24 Moussorgsky, Chopin\
      25 Prokofiev, Moussorgsky\
      26 Schumann, Tchaikovsky\
      27 Granadas, Tarrega, Sinopoli\
      28 The Romeros\
      29 Circus Marches\
      30 Balaleika Favorites\
      31 Liszt\
      32 Prokofiev, Rachmaninov, Schumann\
      33 Dvorák, Bruch, Tchaikovsky\
      34 Schumann, Lalo, Saint-Saens\
      35 Tchaikovsky\
      36 Tchaikovsky\
      37 Brahms, Khachaturian\
      38 Bartók, Berg\
      39 Brahms, Liszt, Beethoven\
      40 Kreisler, Leclair, Gluck, Locatelli\
      41 J.S. Bach\
      42 J.S. Bach\
      43 Beethoven\
      44 Chopin\
      45 Ravel, Debussy, Stravinsky\
      46 Brahms\
      47 Schumann, Mendelssohn, Bartók etc\
      48 Stravinsky\
      49 Boccherini, Vivaldi, Corelli, Locatelli etc\
      50 Rodrigo, Vivaldi\

  11. where can i find the covers?
    Thank you for your work. Excellent

  12. complete artork;

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  14. Stupendously generous set, Bayreuth!

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