Wednesday, November 23, 2016

JC Bach by Various Artists CPO 33CD


  1. It's great to see you back. Miss seeing you more often. You have been a staple of the community for so many years. Thank you for it!

  2. ante todo, agradecer todo lo que aportas en esta pagina.
    queria comentar, que upload, no permite bajar archivos de mas de 1GB.
    seria mucho pedir que los rar que pasan de ese peso sean partidos en dos?.

    1. First of all, thank you for everything you bring on this page.
      Wanted to comment, that upload, does not allow to download files of more than 1GB.
      It would be a lot to ask that the rar ones that pass from that weight are divided in two ?.

  3. hi everyone, can't download as I get a server error.
    Is there a specific procedure?
    thanks in advance

    copy & Paste

  5. As a follow-up on Javi Martin's post - is it possible to upload the > 1 GB files for this post in parts that are less than 1 GB? Otherwise, as fine as this post is, much of it is not available to free users of the service. Thanks for your consideration...

  6. Buenos días. Me uno a la petición de Javi Martín y OdeonFan. ¿Sería posible dividir en dos los archivos de más de 1 GB? (Complete Keyboard Concertos, Complete Symphonies, Symphonies concertantes). Muchas gracias.

  7. @Bayreuth or anyone: Can anyone post or point to torrent links for the > 1 GB files that cannot be downloaded with the free account? Thanks. . .

  8. Hi there! Thank you for this great source of beautiful music. Sadly, this link is no longer valid - is it possible to re-upload it? Thanks and best wishes!


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