Saturday, August 22, 2015

Mahler Symphonies No.1-7,10 Adagio Berliner Philharmoniker Haitink DECCA Japan 9Cd

Gustav Mahler:
1. Symphony No. 1 in D major "Titan"
2. Symphony No. 2 in C minor, "Resurrection" first movement

2. How the second movement - fifth movement

3. Symphony No. 3 in D minor first movement - the third movement

3. How fourth movement - sixth movement
4. minor to Symphony No. 10 sharp

5. Symphony No. 4 in G major

6. Symphony No. 5 C-sharp minor

7. Symphony No. 6 in A minor "tragic" the first movement - the third movement

7. the fourth movement
Song 8. wandering Youth

9. Symphony No. 7 in E minor "Song of the Night"

Sylvia McNair (soprano) [2, 5]
Yaruto Van Ness (alto) [2, 3]
Jessye Norman (soprano) [8]
Ernst Senf choir [2, 3] (Chorus Conductor: Jiguruto Brown scan [2], Wolfgang Shatti [3])
Tolz Boys Choir (Choir Conductor: Wolfgang Shatti) [3]
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Bernard Haitink (conductor)

1 to 2 April 1987 (1)
May 15 to 17, 1988 (6)
April 6 to 8, 1989 (7) December December 9 (8)
December 1990 16-18 day (3)
8 to 10 June 1992 (5), May 30 to 31, 3 to 4 June (4,9)
21 to 24 January 1993 (2)
Berlin, Philharmonic


  1. Very very Beatiful!!!
    Thank you for this collection, because ´for me it´s like a treasure.
    Bayreuth, I want to ask you another favor.
    I saw your "Testament" Collection and several links are dead.
    I wonder, ¿Can you reupload the Gothic Symphony by Havergal Brian, conducted by Adrian Boult? Please

    1. Thanks for your answer bayreuth.
      The CD is 1454 Brian - Symphony No.1 in D minor.rar, but is mixed with 1461 Hungarian Quartet play Beethoven & Bartok.rar.
      Only the second disc of the Brian Symphony file is incorrect.
      Again, and again, Thank you very much.
      From a friend.

    2. Thank you bayreuth. But I Want to tell that the problem
      The link is not dead, only is mixed with 1461 Hungarian Quartet play Beethoven & Bartok.rar.
      Only the second disc of the file 1454 is incorrect.
      Please, can you try again? Sorry for my new petition.
      Please, reupload the second part of the symphony. Thanks a lot.
      Marcos, a friend


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