Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mercury Living Presence VOL.2 Mercury 55CD

1 Dorati Schoenberg • Webern • Berg
2 Dorati Respighi: The Birds • Fountains & Pines of Rome
3 Dorati Bartók: Concerto for Orchestra • Dance Suite
4 Dorati Respighi: Ancient Airs and Dances
5 Dorati Dvorák: Symphonies 7 & 8
6 Dorati Gershwin • Copland • Schuller • Bloch
7 Dorati Satie • Milhaud • Auric • Françaix
8 Dorati Tchaikovsky: Symphony 6 “Pathétique”
9 Dorati Bartók: The Wooden Prince
10 Dorati Bartók: The Miraculous Mandarin
11 Dorati Tchaikovsky: Symphony 4 • Borodin
12 Dorati Beethoven: Symphonies 5 & 6
13 Dorati Albéniz • Falla • Mussorgsky
14 Kubelik Hindemith • Schoenberg • Kodály
15 Dorati Beethoven: Symphony 7 • Overtures
16-17 Dorati Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake
18-20 FISTOULARI & DORATI Delibes: Sylvia • Coppélia
21 Marcel DUPRÉ Widor • Franck
22 Fennell Leroy Anderson
23 Fennell Grainger • Persichetti • Khachaturian
24 Fennell • ROLLER Gould • Giannini • Hovhaness
25 Fennell Grainger • Coates
26 Fennell Hands Across the Sea
27 Fennell Coates • Anderson
28 Fennell The Spirit of ’76 • Ruffles & Flourishes
29 Fennell Mozart • R. Strauss • Milhaud
30 Fennell Holst • Vaughan Williams • Mennin
31 Hanson Hanson: Symphonies 1 & 2
32 Hanson Gould • Barber
33 Hanson Ives • Schumann • Mennin
34 Hanson Hanson: Symphony 3 • Elegy • Lament
35 Hanson Barber • Piston • Griffes • Kennan
36 Hanson McPhee • Sessions • Thomson
37 Hanson Moore • Carpenter • Rogers • Phillips
38 Hanson Chadwick • MacDowell • Peter
39 Hanson Music for Quiet Listening Vol.1
40 Hanson Music for Quiet Listening Vol.2
41 Kubelik Mozart: Symphony 38 • Dvorák: Symphony 9
42 Paray Ibert: Escales • Ravel: Rapsodie Espagnole
43 Paray French Opera Highlights: Hérold • Auber • Gounod
44 Paray Saint-Saëns: Organ Symphony • Paray: Mass
45 Paray Chabrier • Roussel
46 Paray Ravel: Daphnis et Chloé – Suite 2 • Debussy: Nocturnes
47 Paray Bizet: Carmen Suite • L’Arlésienne Suites 1 & 2 • Thomas
48 Paray Dances of Death: Liszt • Weber • Saint-Saëns • Schmitt
49 Paray Debussy: Ibéria • La Mer • Ravel: Ma Mère l’Oye
50 Puyana The Golden age of the Harpsichord
51 Puyana Bach Cembalowerke
52 Puyana Barocke Meisterwerke
53 Starker Chopin – Mendelssohn
54 Dorati Strawinski Le Sacre du Pringtemps (Aufnahme von 1953)
55 Somer - Alessandro Corigliano, R. Strauss



  2. why not switch to other filehost?

  3. Yes, please. You post magnificent stuff (for which I thank you), but it takes forever to download. Most of the time I just give up. There are so many other filehosts that are reliable and so much quicker. PutLocker even allows simultaneous downloads for free.

  4. Are any covers included here? Could you let us know, Odeon? Thanks for the upload.

    1. I saw! Thanks SO SO MUCH! Absolutely EXCELLENT scans.... Many thanks indeed! Puck

  5. Thanks so much, and for me, uploadedto is the BEST host with a premium account: fast, reliable. Please keep using it if you decide to use other hosts. By the way, this is a WONDERFUL share!!! Thanks a billion for all this great music.

  6. Salve Bayreuth,
    grazie per questa eccezionale proposta, veramente bella!!!!
    Attenzione: il link "" (part081) non permette il download!!!

  7. Thanks bayreuth by this magnificent collection.
    Please Please Please complete the Collecting of Toscanini: volumes 73-84.
    Thanks again.

    1. ok..and berlioz and opera volumes from warner mozart edition

    2. hi victor.These are 84 cds in 72 volumes in this set cause some double vol73-84.

    3. You're right, thank you very much bayreuth.

  8. Could You please post 39 Hanson Music for Quiet Listening Vol.1 in separate? I'll be grateful to You!

  9. Dear Bayreuth:
    Your blog is the best... Why insists on use the worst internet server?
    I assure you I do not understand...
    Still, thanks for your work

  10. Thanks a lot for providing these wonderful music!!!

  11. Dear Bayreuth
    The File Number 9 seems to be unavailable
    Many thanks

  12. Dear Bayreuth,
    Thank you for this great post (and for all your posts, which I very much appreciate). provides excellent download service for premium users, and is well worth the cost (IMHO).
    I was able to quickly download all the parts for this post and extract the files.
    The only thing I noticed was that some of the rar filenames used the underscore character to separate "words" while others used the whitespace character. I simply had to rename some of the files so that all files consistently used the underscore character before I could extract the files. Perhaps some of your followers didn't know how to deal with this? File 9 was the first file to used the whitespace character rather than the underscore character. I noticed some comments about File 9 not being available, but it is not the only file that used the whitespace character. Hope this information is of help to some.

  13. Hello, a password is required to open the files?? Where can I find it? I see no pswds here. Thanks

  14. Hello and thank your for the lots of work you do for us.
    Unfortunately downloading from is worthless for me.
    Please consider to take a multi-mirror host. Many of your 'collegues' use embedupload, as far as i can see it is reliable and fast.

    Thanks again, but (sigh...)
    Roberto Dellgaddo

  15. Dear Bayreuth,
    Thank you for all your hard work. This would be a wonderful post if everything was available, but, alas, there are endless gaps and missing files. Can I suggest you repost in smaller files, perhaps 2 or 3 cds at a time?

  16. I WOULD sign up for an upload account, but there is no pay-pal option and, bad as pay-pal is in many ways, I'm very reluctant to give a credit card number to ANY filehosting service....too many nightmares about recurring charges after canceling service, etc.

    Still, thank you for your uploads!

  17. Please re-up 16-17 Dorati Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake


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