Saturday, January 19, 2013

Arturo Toscanini: The Complete RCA Collection CD1-20 / 84CD

Disc 1-5 Beethoven
Disc 6-9 Brahms
Disc 10-11 Mozart
Disc 12-13 Haydn
Disc 14-15 Schubert
Disc 16 Schumann0
Disc 17 Mendelssohn
Disc 18-19 Tchaikovsky
Disc 20 Franck, Saint-Saëns
Disc 21 Sibelius
Disc 22 Shostakovich
Disc 23 Beethoven
Disc 24 Dvorák, Kodály, Smetana
Disc 25 Beethoven
Disc 26 Brahms
Disc 27 Cherubini , Cimarosa
Disc 28 Prokofiev
Disc 29 Beethoven, Mozart
Disc 30-31 Strauss, Wagner
Disc 32 Respighi
Disc 33-35 Berlioz , Bizet
Disc 36 Maurice Ravel; Modest Mussorgsky, Elgar
Disc 37 Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Disc 38 Claude Debussy
Disc 39 George Gershwin , John Philip Sousa, Ferde Grofé, Samuel Barber, John Philip Sousa; Arturo Toscanini, John Stafford Smith;
Disc 40 Maurice Ravel, Paul Dukas, Camille Saint-Saëns, Berlioz, César Franck, Ambroise Thomas
Disc 41 Leopold Mozart, Johann Strauss, Jr., Franz von Suppe, Amilcare Ponchielli, Niccolò Paganini; Arturo Toscanini, Johann Sebastian Bach, Carl Maria von Weber; Hector Berlioz, Michail Glinka
Disc 42-43 Beethoven
Disc 44-45 Johannes Brahms, Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky, Modest Mussorgsky
Disc 46 Beethoven
Disc 47 Christoph Willibald Gluck, Ranieri de' Calzabigi, Ludwig van Beethoven; Joseph Sonnleithner
Disc 48 Gioacchino Rossini
Disc 49-50 Richard Wagner
Disc 51 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Gaetano Donizetti, Gioacchino Rossini, Alfredo Catalani, Giacomo Puccini, Giuseppe Verdi,
Disc 52 Ferdinand Hérold, Engelbert Humperdinck, Dmitri Kabalevsky, Mozart
Disc 53-54 Richard Wagner
Disc 55-56 Ludwig van Beethoven; Stephen Van Breuning; Joseph Sonnleithner; Georg Friedrich Treitschke
Disc 57-58 Giuseppe Giacosa; Giacomo Puccini; Luigi Illica
Disc 59-61 Giuseppe Verdi; Antonio Ghislanzoni
Disc 62-65 Giuseppe Verdi; Arrigo Boito
Disc 66-67 Giuseppe Verdi; Antonio Somma
Disc 68-69 Giuseppe Verdi; Francesco Maria Piave
Disc 70 Ludwig van Beethoven
Disc 71 Luigi Cherubini
Disc 72 Arrigo Boito, Temistocle Solera; Giuseppe Verdi, Giuseppe Verdi; Francesco Maria Piave, Giuseppe Verdi
Disc 73 Giuseppe Verdi
Disc 74 Temistocle Solera; Giuseppe Verdi, Salvatore Cammarano, Giuseppe Verdi
Disc 75 Ludwig van Beethoven, Joseph Haydn, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Disc 76 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Johannes Brahms
Disc 77 Christoph Willibald Gluck, Gioacchino Rossini, Giuseppe Verdi, Richard Wagner; Arturo Toscanini, Richard Wagner
Disc 78 Claude Debussy, Ottorino Respighi,
Disc 79 Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky, Richard Strauss
Disc 80 Franz Schubert
Disc 81 Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Hector Berlioz
Disc 82 Ludwig van Beethoven, Hector Berlioz, Georges Bizet, Gaetano Donizetti, Ottorino Respighi, Jules Massenet, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ildebrando Pizzetti, Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari
Disc 83 Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Gioacchino Rossini, Carl Maria von Weber; Hector Berlioz
Disc 84 Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms
Disc 85 Toscanini The MaestroHarvey Sachs



  2. The complete cover scan from

  3. Thank you very much bayreuth for this fabulous set

  4. Terrific! I have the old Toscanini collection. Around a third is said to have been remasterd, so some progress. But they did omit the informative booklet notes and source informations. If there is interest, I could provide you with the scans.


    is page not found

  6. SCan cover from Amazon each VOL 1 - 72 .....

  7. Thanks bayreuth for this monumental collecion of Toscanini and anxiously hope the other deliveries. Thank you.
    Pd:please post the scans of Toscanini.

  8. Here, after victor's request, the scans of the old Toscanini Collection (the volumes didn't change). The liner notes are fun to read and informative. It's above 1 GB, but for all 71 volumes + sampler (English, German, French and Italian).

    @Bayreuth feel free to upload them on you own, or whatever, I don't have a clue about uploads, hopefully they'll last.

    1. Thanks, also is very generous of you.

    2. @ Anonymous: you're the BEST..... thanks so much for these valued scans...

      @ Bayreuth: And thank you too for this, only ONE, of your incredible uploads... Yes, I have finally managed to arrange to download from!!

  9. Magnificent, thank you!

  10. Thank you very much. Looking forward to more if they are available.

  11. Thank you Bayreuth!

  12. Any chance of reupping the whole collection? All the links are dead. Thank you very much

  13. Please reupload the whole collection .. links are dead !!! thanks a lot .

  14. why? oh, why? all little links are dead...just sorrow and pain in the middle of the night..!


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