Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mozart 250th Ann. Edition Opera II Warner 8CDs


  1. II(WARNER 8CD).part01.rar II(WARNER 8CD).part02.rar II(WARNER 8CD).part03.rar II(WARNER 8CD).part04.rar II(WARNER 8CD).part05.rar II(WARNER 8CD).part06.rar II(WARNER 8CD).part07.rar II(WARNER 8CD).part08.rar II(WARNER 8CD).part09.rar II(WARNER 8CD).part10.rar II(WARNER 8CD).part11.rar II(WARNER 8CD).part12.rar II(WARNER 8CD).part13.rar II(WARNER 8CD).part14.rar II(WARNER 8CD).part15.rar II(WARNER 8CD).part16.rar II(WARNER 8CD).part17.rar II(WARNER 8CD).part18.rar II(WARNER 8CD).part19.rar II(WARNER 8CD).part20.rar II(WARNER 8CD).part21.rar

  2. Thank you for continuing this great Mozart opera series. alex.

  3. Many thanks for all your great posts!

  4. hello my friend bayreuth:
    I've just download "the art of milstein (japan emi)".
    That's very precious. Thank you very much.
    And I konw the Toshiba EMI also issued an album of "the art of jacus Thibaud". And I managed to search a torrent file in demonoid, but it is so old that there is no resource now.
    Do you have that album? Thank you very much.

  5. And the torrent is here:

  6. @harry
    yes.I have the art of thibaud.

  7. Oh yeah, great! Many thanks .
    But don't worry, just issue your post as usual. I don't want to see that you change your plan for somebody's personal desire...
    I can wait to the day that you post "the art of thibaud".

  8. Dear Bayreuth, could you please reupload this set? Thanks in advance!


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