Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hungarian String Trios by Deutsches Streichtrio CPO 1CD

# String Trio in G minor, Op. 6
Composed by Leo Weiner
with Deutsches Streichtrio

# Intermezzo for string trio
Composed by Zoltan Kodaly
with Deutsches Streichtrio

# Serenade for violin, viola & cello in C major, Op. 10
Composed by Ernst von Dohnanyi
with Deutsches Streichtrio


  1. String Trios from Hungary_Deutsches Streichtris(CPO).part1.rar String Trios from Hungary_Deutsches Streichtris(CPO).part2.rar String Trios from Hungary_Deutsches Streichtris(CPO).part3.rar

  2. thanks for this great music!
    would it be possible to share a scan of the complete track information, too?


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